Allurion (Ellipse) balloon


Allurion balloon, previously known as ellipse balloon, is a swallowable pill for weight loss. When placed in the stomach, the pill is inflated with sterile water  to occupy  space in the stomach. It remains there for approximately 12 weeks, after which it naturally deflates and passes out through your body.

With allurion balloons, patients are expected to lose 10-15% of body weight, provided they follow a pattern of slow eating & healthy diet,  and do regular exercise or activity  along with  bariatric aftercare from dieticians and nurses. It is recommended for patients who have at least a BMI of 27 or more .

Allurion Balloon – Its structure, material and releasing procedure

The shape and structure

It is a small, swallowable pill & covered in a dissolvable vegetarian capsule cover.. When it reaches the stomach, it is inflated with sterile  water, and the balloon fills about 50 – 60% of the stomach’s capacity. It sits comfortably in the stomach and does not react with the fluids or foods you eat.

The Material

The balloon is made of very thin, smooth and flexible polymer material, allowing it to safely pass through the digestive system without requiring endoscopic removal.

The release valve

The balloon remains in the stomach for approximately 16 weeks, after which its single-knot release valve degrades and opens on its own. Then, the liquid empties, and the empty collapsed balloon passes out of your body  naturally. The entire process is safe and does not affect the stomach’s acidity of function.

How does an ellipse balloon work?

When you swallow the balloon pill and it reaches the stomach, it is filled with approx. 550 ml of sterile  water through the attached thin catheter. Once filled, the catheter detaches from the pill.

The balloon occupies a significant space in the stomach that helps by reducing your portion size & keeping full for a longer time , and also your  appetite decreases. The constant decreased appetite helps you revamp your dietary habits and control the food portions you eat. Coupled with a weight loss exercise routine, in 3-4 months, it helps lose 10-15 % of weight by lowering your food intake.

Why is it an effective non-surgical way of weight loss?

It is a non-surgical, proven and effective way of weight loss as it is placed orally and gets disposed of naturally. By the end of four months, it disintegrates and passes on its own. Even emptying the balloon’s content does not harm the stomach in any way.

The alternatives of the allurion  balloon

The other alternative balloons for weight loss include the following.

  • Orbera gastric balloon It is a silicon-based grape fruit size capsule which is endoscopically placed inside the stomach. It lasts in the stomach for 6-12 months and needs endoscopic
  • Spatz balloon– It is an adjustable silicon-based balloon. By adjustable, it means that its size can be increased or decreased endoscopically by healthcare professionals at different stages of weight loss. The Spatz balloon is also inserted endoscopically and taken out from the stomach endoscopically.


When considering weight-loss balloons, you must seek the right guidance. Dr Girish Juneja is one of the best bariatric and laparoscopic surgeons in Dubai. So far, Dr Girish has placed more than 1000 gastric balloons, helping people achieve their  weight loss goals. Allurion (ellipse balloon) is one of the types of gastric balloon receiving quite an appreciation from patients being least invasive but on other hand endoscopic gastric balloon Orbera & spatz due to their one year duration also has its own advantage , so to know which balloon is right choice for , please consult Dr Girish Juneja.

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